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Your Prescriptions

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Repeat Prescriptions

Make your life easier by instructing us to handle your repeat prescriptions for you.


You can order your repeats from us online, via telephone, email or simply by handing us your repeat form at Husbands Pharmacy.


We pick up prescriptions from the local surgeries twice a day.

1 - Sign up for free online or over the phone.

2 - Our team here at Husbands Pharmacy will manage and process your prescription.

3 - We’ll contact your GP when the time is ready for your repeat prescription.

4 - Just come and collect it when it’s ready. It’s quick, simple and FREE!

Pharmacist  in aisle of Pharmacy
Private Prescriptions

If you’ve got a private prescription issued by your doctor, you can have it filled out quickly and efficiently at Husbands Pharmacy.

Why should I nominate Husbands Pharmacy?


  • We have been established here for many years and have excellent relationships and lines of communication with the local doctors surgeries.

  • We stock a lot of medicines not normally kept by many pharmacies so you have a better chance of having your prescription filled without delay.

  • We offer a delivery service to the elderly, making the process even easier.

  • If there is a query with your prescription it will be resolved quickly.

  • Our computer systems are secure and maintained to a high standard.

Girl in Pharmacy
Electronic Prescription Service

In the future all of your prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy electronically. We would love you to nominate us to look after you and your prescriptions.

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