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Nominate Husbands Pharmacy for your prescriptions

In the future all of your prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy electronically. The NHS has already started to roll out this scheme, called the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). With this free service, it’ll be much simpler and more convenient for you to get your medicine. (And save lots of trees too!)


With your GP being able to send us prescriptions electronically, you will no longer have to go to the surgery and queue to collect your prescription. Husbands Pharmacy will be able to download your prescription electronically via a secure NHS network and have it ready for you for collection.


EPS means that most GP’s in England can now send paperless prescriptions instantly to any pharmacy of your choice. We hope that you will choose Husbands Pharmacy to take care of your prescriptions via EPS going forward.

We would love you to nominate us to look after you and your prescriptions electronically.


Nominate us by either:

Signing up with us using the form below.

Coming into branch to fill one in!

Inform your doctor who you wish to send your prescriptions to.

If you have any questions, the NHS page is a useful resource:

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